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Designer Bags vs. Knockoffs and Replicas

Who are these women who spend $1,300 on a handbag? I mean, I KNOW who they are in magazines, but the clientele of Louis Vuitton cannot be strictly moviestars. There are women, working women who plunk down hard earned money for the Real Article. I cannot do such a thing. It would cost me a months salary to afford a handbag like that. More actyually. Thus I stumbled into the world of handbag kockoffs and replicas. Thus I found bags I love and can actually afford. Thus, I found a new addiction. *Sigh*

Be warned though, with the lower perice tag usuallu come lower craftsmanship and a lower quality of materials. Mostly.I may be completely wrong here, but knockoffs are the Monets of the handbag world. From far away they LOOK like the expensive genuine article. But close up, you can tell, without too much difficulty, that they aren't. Most notably this summer were the Murakami knockoffs that had the colors right, but the designs were off and there were no intertwined LV letters.

A "replica" however, looks a whole whole lot like the real thing, and you pay for that. While my Prada crocodile knockoff cost me a grand total of $11, a replica, probably made of real embossed leather and with a triangle Prada-esque logo, may cost a couple hundred dollars. You have to look really closely to spot a replica.

Well, it's late folks, so I'll finish this essay later. I'm too tired to even talk handbags.:)

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